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We are the one stop shop for all your needs. 

Demand for music has never been greater. From stage and concert hall to feature films, broadcast and TV ads, access to the right music is crucial to a growing variety of creative endeavours.


Our unique creative services grew out of a worldwide, music-based organisation that gives many unique benefits. These include working relationships with some of the world’s leading composers; substantial master and publishing catalogues that guarantee instant clearance.


Our success depends on our highly experienced principals and their teams who ensure that Wise Music Creative can put together an integrated music package to answer any music brief quickly and efficiently. Together they offer unparalleled consultancy, collaborative services, and the commissioning of appropriate new works. 


What we do

Composers and repertoire for all markets

  • Bespoke score composition

    Theatrical and grand rights

  • A&R


  • Global network of expert staff for all markets 
    500,000 copyrights spanning all genres
  • Over 10,000 master recordings


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