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23/4/2020 Pilfinger's Producers Corner

Pilfinger introduces: Pilfinger's Producers Corner

We are all in the middle of a very trying time, most of the world in isolation, working from home and unable to go about our usual daily life. For musicians, this unfortunately means no live concerts. This is driving people to think out of the box and create new ways of connecting and getting their work out into the world! Danish songwriter and producer, Pilfinger, has created a whole new setup on his Instagram, coined Pilfinger's Producers Corner. Here, he invites some of the most prominent Danish producers to a virtual live interview in order to shed some light on the massive part a producer actually plays in the development of a track. He has done interviews with Hennedub, Pharfar and Eloq, to name a few.

You can watch all of the interviews on his Youtube channel!

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