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Einaudi releases lockdown-album

Ludovico Einaudi releases "12 songs from home" - new album recorded during lockdown. "12 songs from home" features new interpretations of some of Einaudi's existing compositions and is recorded from his own home. He says: "I recorded '12 Songs From Home' between March and April 2020 during the peak of Italy's lockdown. In March I started to play live concerts regularly on social media. Switching on my phone to connect for 30-40 minutes with the world it, has been a beautiful and intimate alternative to the spring tour that I had to postpone. This new release is the memory of those home live concerts, my memory of this time, the memory of a strange and new atmosphere that we won't forget." You can now listen at https://einaudi.lnk.to/12Songs

Luke Elliot announced "Album of the Month" on Rolling Stone France

Rolling Stone France has made Luke Elliot's new album "The Big Wind" Album of the Month! Luke Elliot has recently released his album "The Big Wind", which has been very well received and has even earned him the spot as "Album of the Month" in Rolling Stone France. "The Big Wind" is Elliot's sophomore album, and it came to be in a way, that was not so straightforward. "I went into the studio without any real plans," Elliot says. "I just convinced everyone around me I could make another good record and they all seemed to believe me." Read more about the album here. He did a special performance of title track "The Big Wind" and "Fifteen Tons" for Rolling Stones' "In My Room"-series. Watch below.

Rachel Portman releases "ask the river"

"ask the river" is out on Node Records now! The Oscar-winning composer Rachel Portman has just released her album "ask the river" on Node Records, along with a video to her single "a gift". "I was searching to write something very tender and gentle around the notion of love," says Rachel Portman. "Love of the beauty of nature and wildlife, as well as love for human others. It seemed it needed to be very still, which is how it starts and ends and to allow it to be very simple without too many notes - this can be a challenge as it doesn't want to seem simplistic. The music almost holds its breath at the beginning and then gradually releases and opens out as it progresses. The cellist Caroline Dale brings great tenderness and beauty in her playing. I gave this piece as a gift to my daughter Giulia." The album has been very well received. “ask the river” is exceptionally composed and performed. It was a thrill to listen to. She is working at a high level of artistry not reached by many composers.” – Philip Glass “Her frequent collaborator, director Douglas McGrath, quotes a line about Truman Capote from the movie Infamous: “'When you look at a candle, at its bright flame, at the center there’s always that little touch of blue.' And I think that’s true in Rachel’s music." – NPR’s All Things Considered. Buy or stream the album here.

New Signing: Frans Bak

Frans Bak signs worldwide publishing deal with Wise Music Group We are proud to welcome Frans Bak with Edition Wilhelm Hansen, part of Wise Music Group! For more than 30 years, he has created the soundtracks for some of the most popular productions in Scandinavian film and TV, and his music has set new standards within music for dramaseries all over the world. Lilyhammer, Doctor Foster, Disparue and The Killing. Those are only a few of the titles on Frans Bak's impressive résumé. Bak is considered one of the pioneers of the "Nordic Noir"- genre and his music has an exceptional ability to keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. In addition to his career as a film composer, he has also released albums with independent productions. In 2016, Bak released the album "Sound of North", where the main inspiration is his upbringing. The result is an atmospheric blend of cold, mindfulness and calm, which is pushing musical boundaries. Frans Bak is set to release an album of new musical works, Piano, in spring 2020, the latest single ‘Waiting’ from the album was released April 17. You can Listen here On his forthcoming album Frans was inspired by locating the same piano he used to play on as a child. He has revisited his childhood years and his love of creating simple and beautiful piano melodies whilst incorporating his extraordinary musical journey to date.

Pilfinger's Producers Corner

Pilfinger introduces: Pilfinger's Producers Corner We are all in the middle of a very trying time, most of the world in isolation, working from home and unable to go about our usual daily life. For musicians, this unfortunately means no live concerts. This is driving people to think out of the box and create new ways of connecting and getting their work out into the world! Danish songwriter and producer, Pilfinger, has created a whole new setup on his Instagram, coined Pilfinger's Producers Corner. Here, he invites some of the most prominent Danish producers to a virtual live interview in order to shed some light on the massive part a producer actually plays in the development of a track. He has done interviews with Hennedub, Pharfar and Eloq, to name a few. You can watch all of the interviews on his Youtube channel!

Billie Eilish covers "Sunny" by Bobby Hebb

Billie Eilish covers Wise Music evergreen "Sunny" This past weekend, Global Citizen hosted the event "One World: Together At Home" which featured an array of stars performing song of their choice in order to inspire hope and raise money for health workers during this global crisis. Billie Eilish and her brother Finneas performed an amazing cover of the Bobby Hebb classic "Sunny". Eilish introduced the video by stating that she chose to sing "Sunny", as the song always makes her feel good. Listen to the original by Bobby Hebb here.

Einaudi for Greenpeace

Ludovico Einaudi plays home concert for Greenpeace Ludovico Einaudi has created this video especially for Greenpeace in order to send a message of hope, offer support and to give us a moment of respite during these difficult times.

Rachel Portman announces album release

Oscar-winning composer Rachel Portman releases new track from her upcoming album ask the river The album will be available on Node Records May 8th. Pre-order the album here. Rachel Portman, the Academy Award-winning composer and pianist, reveals second track, “much loved,” from her upcoming lyrical all-instrumental collection, ask the river, out May 8 via Node Records “I was searching to write something very tender and gentle around the notion of love,” says Rachel Portman. Portman is best known to listeners for her musical scores heard in more than 100 major motion pictures. She received an Oscar for her work on Douglas McGrath’s 1996 adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, and also collected nominations for the scores for Lasse Halleström’s The Cider House Rules (1999) and Chocolat (2000). Her music for the HBO television feature Bessie (2015) was honored with a Primetime Emmy Award. With ask the river, the British musician steps to center stage for the first time, with an album of thematically related pieces inspired by her closely held personal concerns. She says, “I have a deep interest in environmentalism and protecting the natural world that surrounds us. I’ve written quite extensively and been involved in concert work about the environment and about listening to the earth. I also have a desire to work on projects where I’m free to create my ideas from scratch. I’ve been on this trail for quite a while but hadn’t ever put together an album of my own work and performed it myself.”

Ólafur Arnalds announces world tour

Ólafur Arnalds announces brand new material and a multi-date tour in autumn 2020. The new ‘re:act’ tour features Ólafur’s signature string quartet, a live percussionist and an arsenal of pianos and synthesizers. His self-playing Stratus pianos will be along for the ride — creating unexpected harmonies and surprising melodic sequences that make every performance unique. Ólafur’s performances continue to captivate audiences across the globe as he invites them to join him on a new journey where he presents his most personal and raw music to date — a counterpoint to the exuberant energy of his latest album ‘re:member’. His haunting and often intensely emotional shows are an exercise in intimacy, a space for the artist and audience to share their vulnerability through music. Experience Ólafur live in Europe: 25.09. London - Hammersmith Apollo 26.09. Paris - L´Olympia 28.09. Luzern - KKL 29.09. Ljubljana - Gallus Hall 30.09. Vienna - Konzerthaus 01.10. Wroclaw - NFM 02.10. Berlin - Tempodrom 04.10. Copenhagen - Gamle Scene 05.10. Utrecht - TivoliVredenburg 07.10. Brussels - Cirque Royal 12.10. Moscow - Crocus City Hall Ticket sales have startet. Buy tickets to the re:act tour here.

Node Records releases Rachel Portman's new single

Rachel Portman's new single "leaves and trees" is out now via Node Records! Node Records, part of Wise Music Group, is excited to release the single "leaves and trees" from award-winning composer Rachel Portman. Note From Rachel Portman on “leaves and trees” :“leaves and trees” took as its starting point the sense of being immersed within the upper branches of a beech tree in late spring. The leaves are at their freshest and greenest, and the light is refracted through them as they move in the breeze. The music is an expression of that feeling. It's impossible to say what happens when trying to evoke my response to those leaves and trees as no thinking can happen in order to allow the music to write itself. Listen to the single here

New single from Vonheim

Vonheim releases new single "Moving On" Norwegian rock band Vonheim has just released their latest single "Moving On"! "Everything has an end, even life. But when something ends, it’s usually the start of something new. «Moving on» is a song about embracing the next step in life." Listen to the single here.

"Broken Soldier" - new single from Fallulah

Fallulah has just released her new single "Broken Soldier"! It is the first single from her next EP, All My Eyes Are Open pt. II. The track draws inspiration from Fallulahs Balkan roots and uses strong imagery to convey the message, with lyrics suchs as »My heart is a broken soldier / my heart needs a friendly shoulder« It's a song that's very close to Fallulah's heart: "This song is really special to me. Of course they all are but some just mean that bit extra. I wrote it after a very dark time in my life where I had felt so disconnected from myself, from my purpose and the love of music and from true lightness and joy. The answer was to start treating myself as a friend. I had always taken pride in being a really good friend to others, the loyal one and the one always ready to drop everything to offer my help and support. The one always showing up and keeping my word. But I had forgotten to do the same for myself. I would stretch myself too thin, never being fully present in what I was doing because I felt torn by expectations (my own and from others) and not managed take care of my own well being, which made me feel like a failure as an artist and a new mother. It has taken a long time and some rough lessons but I’m finally getting there! Today I am my own friend. And again in love with my life and making music. Feeling that true 🔥 within that has always been my companion." Listen to the track on Spotify.

New single from Harts!

New track "Twenty Somethin'" out now! Opening with a modulated vocal, ‘Twenty Somethin’ rolls into Harts’ infectious melodies and rhythmic section, before launching into a wall of deft guitar work. As the track unfolds, the enigmatic song writer effortlessly melds traditional rock n’ roll with modern electronic production; shining a light on his eclectic and intricate approach to composition. Harts describes the motivation behind ‘Twenty Somethin’: "'Twenty Somethin' is an accumulation of my feelings heading into the new year of 2020, the next decade of 20's and the final years of my 20's. An expression of mixed feelings approaching this next chapter”. Listen to "Twenty Somethin'" here.

Evan Dando signs to Wise Music Group

Evan Dando of The Lemonheads has signed a publishing agreement with Wise Music USA, part of Wise Music Group. The worldwide deal includes all of Evan’s work to date, including hit songs such as “It’s a Shame About Ray,” “My Drug Buddy,” “Confetti,” “Rudderless,” and “Big Gay Heart.” Evan Dando comments:“I’m super excited that for the first time in my career, all of my publishing will be with one company under the same roof. I’m looking forward to a successful partnership with Wise Music.” Tomas Wise, CEO of Wise Music USA says:“Growing up my brothers and I listened to The Lemonheads religiously. We were their biggest fans. I could not be more thrilled to be representing their music today. Everyone at Wise Music is excited to work with Evan and his team and are squinting at the bright future ahead.” About Evan DandoEvan Griffith Dando is an American musician and frontman of the Lemonheads. He has also embarked on a solo career and collaborated on songs with various artists. The Lemonheads were formed in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1986 by Evan Dando with the group quickly creating three raucous albums under a local Boston label Taang! full of discordant punk chords and alt-country-tinge melodies. An Atlantic Records deal led the band to mature their sound in the fourth studio album and collaboration between Dando, songwriter Tom Morgan and future bassist Nic Dalton, that created radio-friendly singles and mellow melodies began to grow the fan base. Subsequent albums “It’s A Shame About Ray” and “Come On Feel The Lemonheads” focused on Dando’s vocals and turn of phrase and with hits such as “Into Your Arms” the group had a worldwide touring appeal. Dando released a magnificent solo album “Baby, I’m Bored” in 2003 and continued to create music born of 70s punk and cosmic country. Dando’s 2008 album “Varshons” was a collection of well-known cover tracks set a new experimental tone and with the 2019 release of “Varshons 2,” The Lemonheads return for their tenth studio album.

The Wave - Louise Alenius x Vertigo

Experience Louise Alenius x Vertigo's "The Wave" as part of Copenhagen Light Festival Copenhagen Light Festival teases Louise Alenius' upcoming opera as part of the installation The Wave. The Wave is developed and produced by the artist collective Vertigo in collaboration with Wise Music composer Louise Alenius who wrote and produced the soundtrack “ILT” (“OXYGEN”). In this setup, The Wave creates the illusion of a gigantic windpipe (trachea). As you walk through the installation you will experience five voices from the Royal Danish Opera and a body crying out for oxygen. “ILT” is a preview of Alenius’ upcoming opera which will premiere in 2022. The light design by Vertigo is inspired by the body’s internal organs, blood circulation and the rhythmic pulse of the body. You can experience The Wave at Ofelia Plads in Copenhagen until 31st of March. Read more about Copenhagen Light Festival here.

Ólafur Arnalds signs to Wise Music Group

Ólafur Arnalds has signed an exclusive worldwide publishing deal with Bosworth Music GmbH, part of Wise Music Group. The catalogue includes Flow 1 and Flow 2 from Ekki Hugsa 360°, a commission from Reeperbahn Festival, plus all upcoming works. Ólafur Arnalds is a multi-instrumentalist and composer - internationally known for his haunting musical style. He captivatingly combines elements of ambient, classical music, electronic music and elements of pop and rock. His recent album “re:member” (2018) follows the success of his innovative musical project Island Songs (2016). “re:member” features Ólafur’s new software, Stratus, which transforms the humble piano into a unique new instrument. Ólafur has been praised for his extensive soundtrack work, including composing the score for ITV’s Broadchurch, for which he won the 2014 BAFTA for Best Original Music. He has been involved in various other media projects and his music appears in many films, television shows and advertisements. Ólafur Arnalds comments:“I am thrilled to be joining the Bosworth / Wise Music family’s close-knit community. Their long history combined with their embracing of change within the music industry made me confident that they were the right team for me and my variety of projects.” Michael Ohst, Managing Director of Bosworth Music says: “We have been following Ólafur’s career with huge interest during the last years and are thrilled to work with him and support him in his future activities.”

The Music Sales Group rebrands as Wise Music Group

We’ve just rebranded ourselves as Wise Music Group. This name-change, effective from Monday 3rd February 2020, is also reflected in our various international office titles. Our Chairman Robert Wise announced the name-change as follows: “As many of you know, following years of successful print publishing we have recently refocused on expanding our already substantial portfolio of music catalogues. Our new name reflects both the continuity of our business approach and the fact that ours is very much a family business currently with two generations of the Wise family guiding our progress.” About UsThe rebranded company will maintain the existing global network of standalone offices in London, New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo and Berlin. Of course, we retain our world-famous publishing houses and imprints that include Associated Music Publishers, Bosworth Music GmbH, Campbell Connelly, Le Chant du Monde, Chester Music, G. Schirmer, Éditions Alphonse Leduc, Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Novello & Co, Première Music Group and Unión Musical Ediciones. Wise Music Group now owns or controls nearly half a million copyrights – including the world’s largest independent holding of historic and contemporary classical music – as well as a huge range of popular songs spanning every genre. The group also represents nearly 100 of today’s most successful living composers and songwriters working in classical music, opera, ballet, pop, film, television and advertising. Represented composers include Hans Abrahamsen, Ólafur Arnalds, Samuel Barber, John Corigliano, Ludovico Einaudi, Philip Glass, Aram Khachaturian, Missy Mazzoli, Olivier Messiaen, Francis Poulenc, Sergei Prokofiev, Kaija Saariaho, Esa-Pekka Salonen, Dmitri Shostakovich, Jean Sibelius, Igor Stravinsky, Tan Dun, Joby Talbot, John Tavener and Anna Thorvaldsdóttir.

Record-breaking Robert Awards for "Queen of Hearts"

The past weekend marked the annual Robert-Awards, an Award show hosted by the national Film Academy. "Queen of Hearts" was nominated for no less than 12 awards and won a whopping 9! Music Sales Copenhagen proudly did the music supervision of the film. The film also features several Music Sales copyright, for example "Tainted Love" which features prominently in an outstanding scene. "Queen of Hearts" received the Robert-Award for "Best Danish Film" and May el-Toukhy received the award for "Best Director" to a standing ovation. She is the first woman to ever receive this award. Trine Dyrholm also received the award for "Best Female Lead". This was her 10th Robert-Award, which made her the person with the most Robert-wins ever. The film also received the following awards: "Best Score", "Best Sound Design", "Best Editing", "Best Photography", "Best Supporting Actor - Male", "Best Original Script". See the full list of winners here.

"Queen of Hearts" is Bodil-nominated

"Queen of Hearts" (Dronningen) has received four nominations at the annual Danish Bodil-Awards. The Bodil Award is Denmark's oldest and most prestigeous film award and the nominees and winners are decided by film critics. May el-Toukhy's "Queen of Hearts", featuring several Music Sales-copyrights, has been nominated in several categories: Best Danish film Best female in a leading role (Trine Dyrholm) Best male in a supporting role (Gustav Lindh + Magnus Krepper) The winners will be announced at the award show on February 29th.

Fallulah to play lead role in musical "Jesus Christ Superstar"

Fallulah has been cast as the female lead of Mary Magdalene in the timeless rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar. 2020 marks the 50 year anniversary of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's rock opera album that preceded the popular musical, and The Danish Chamber Orchestra will mark this occasion with an anniversary edition of the musical, starring some of Denmark's most talented musicians. This will be Fallulahs first musical role, and she is very excited to bring her interpretation of Mary Magdalene. "I've always had so much love for musicals written in the 60's and 70's, particularly due to the music. Jesus Christ Superstar is definitely no exception. It is some completely legendary tracks that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice has created, and they still stand the test of time so many years later. It is really a huge honor for me to contribute to this anniversary celebration of the musical", Fallulah states. The musical premieres at The Royal Danish Theatre on September 26th and will subsequently tour around Denmark.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen's new album receives praise

In november, Adam Wiltzie and Dustin O'Halloran's neoclassical duo A Winged Victory for the Sullen released their first proper album in nine years,The Undivided Five, where they pay tribute to the mystical painter Hilma of Klint. The album has scored a 7.5/10 rating on Pitchfork, being praised as "lush and orchestral, with rich bass notes in the piano and intimations of violin solos, but also mystically steeped in ambient music’s eternal present." "The Undivided Five trembles on a threshold between sorrow and joy, ending and beginning, life and afterlife. Aching strings emerge like fated events from the everyday seep and curl of passing time. Long minutes pass by dredging up one vast, submerged chord. Each track is its own study in loneliness, yet each is in communication with the others, like spirit mediums." Read the full review here. Listen to The Undivided Five.

2020 Grammy-nominations announced

Congratulations to Music Sales-writers Hildur Guðnadóttir and Philip Glass, who have been nominated for the Grammy awards in 2020. Guðnadóttir has been nominated for her score composition for HBO's huge success Chernobyl, while Glass receives the nomination for Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance for his "Perpetulum". Best Score Soundtrack For Visual MediaCHERNOBYLHildur Guðnadóttir, composer Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble PerformancePERPETULUM Third Coast PercussionPhilip Glass

New album from Jacob Groth

For more than 40 years, Jacob Groth has created the perfect soundscapes for Danish as well as international productions with his score music. Now he is releasing his first studio album since starting as a score composer. The album, Music For Your Inner Movie, is inspired by his joy of nature and dedicated to the young people, who are fighting to save our climate. On the album, Jacob Groth has composed without his usual fixed frames and is moving in a lighter direction than his well-known Nordic Noir-style. "Music For Your Inner Movie" was written as part of a process of continuing after a horrible experience with a film project that crashed. Writing and recording these 11 pieces of music helped me regain the enthusiasm of finding a melody, a harmony and most of all, the joy of playing music with my wonderful orchestra, The Danish Filmharmonics," Jacob Groth explains. Listen to the first track from Music For Your Inner Movie, April, on Spotify. The full album is available to purchase on vinyl.

Shaka Loveless signs publishing deal

The newest addition to the Music Sales family is Danish urban artist Shaka Loveless, who has signed a publishing deal with Edition Wilhelm Hansen, part of the Music Sales Group. With his massive hits and positive energy, Shaka Loveless has become a household name in Denmark, and his effortless mix of rap, R&B, pop and reggae proves his versatility as an artist. Shaka’s music contains such heartfelt authenticity and contagious rhythm that it’s impossible to sit still while listening. His latest album Alting/Ingenting (“Everything/Nothing”) was critically acclaimed and he was especially praised for his lyrical braveness, using his music to create awareness of the struggles of society’s less fortunate. We are looking forward to working with Shaka Loveless and following his future successes!

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